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Guided by our core values of integrity, affordability, and quality, we take immense pride in not only offering exceptional craftsmanship at fair prices but also in providing exemplary customer service. We firmly believe that “exceptional jewelry should be accessible to all who appreciate its beauty and meaning.”


Our Mission

Maatha Jewellers is on a mission to redefine elegance and timeless beauty in the world of fine jewelry. Our commitment is to craft exquisite pieces that transcend generations, becoming cherished heirlooms. With a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, we strive to capture the essence of sophistication and grace in every creation. At Maatha Jewellers, we believe in sourcing the finest materials, ethically and sustainably, to ensure the highest quality jewelry.

Our mission is to adorn the lives of our customers with pieces that not only enhance their beauty but also symbolize their unique stories and milestones. Join us on this journey of celebrating life’s precious moments with jewelry that radiates elegance and significance. Maatha Jewellers: Where timelessness meets modernity.

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Hi! I’m Miryalkar Bhagath.

Founded by Miryalkar Bhagath, Maatha Traders began its journey as wholesale dealers specializing in pure gold a quarter-century ago. With time, we transitioned into jewelry craftsmanship, dedicating ourselves to creating intricately designed pieces with unwavering attention to detail. Today, our store, Maatha Jewellers, stands as a cornerstone in the heart of NIZAMABAD city, where we’ve nurtured enduring connections within our community.

We invite you to explore our meticulously crafted collection, born from a deep-seated passion and an enduring commitment to our craft. At Maatha Jewellers, we strive to deliver not just jewelry but also a memorable experience, characterized by quality, affordability, and outstanding service.

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